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Cobalt is a gray, hard, magnetic, ductile, somewhat malleable metal. It is used in the manufacture of alloys and cobalt salts. It is an essential trace mineral and is present in vitamin B12.
Various salts of cobalt are colored and are used as pigments in colored glass and pottery as well as in makeup and hair dyes.
Approximately 80% of individuals sensitive to cobalt are also found to be sensitive to either or both chromate and nickel.
Probably the most common source of exposure to cobalt is nickel-plated objects, which practically always contain cobalt.
Patch testing with cobalt chloride may yield an unusual false-positive response consisting of tiny purpuric papules.



Cobalt (II) chloride-hexahydrate
Cobalt blue
Cobalt chloride
Cobaltous chloride



Cement, paint, resins
Fertilizer and feed additive
Foam stabilizer in beer
Hand etching and grinding
Hair dyes and cosmetics
Invisible ink
Joint replacements and dental appliances
Machinery parts
Pigments in pottery, glass, and crayons
Polyester resin manufacture
Shell splinters
Snaps, zippers, buttons, buckles
Tools, utensils, instruments
Vitamin B12





Unusual Reactions

Airborne contact dermatitis
Erythema multiforme-like eruption
Non-immunologic contact urticaria
Photocontact dermatitis




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