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Thiourea is used as a photographic fixing agent and stain remover. It is also used as a rubber vulcanizing accelerator.
Thiourea is used in the coating of diazo copypaper and plan printing paper ("blauwdrukpapier") to prevent oxidative yellow discoloration. 






Photocopy paper (diazo)
Rubber accelerator
Silver polish



Possible crossreactions may occur between Thiourea and
- Dibutylthiourea (DBTU, used in rubber gloves, diving shoes, diving suits, neoprene diving glasses, paint and glue removers, telephone cards, corrosion inhibitors in metal fluids.
- Diethylthiourea (DETU, used in rubber gloves and steunzolen, in neoprene afdichtstrippen, diving suits, diving glasses, brillenkoord and in rubber glue for shoes,. It is also used as an anti-corrosant in cleaning fluids.
- Dimethylthioureum (DMTU, used in textile patterns and plan printing paper ("blauwdrukpapier")
- Diphenylthiourea (DPTU, used in neoprene gloves, vulcan heat retainers, diving suits, orthopedic aids and in PVC plasters)
- Ethylbutylthioureum (EBTU, used in neoprene glue for shoes, diving suits, brillenkoord and in rubber steunzolen)
- Ethyleenthiourea (ETU, used in black fireman suits, rubber shoes, fungicides and anti-slimicides in the paper industry)


Unusual Reactions





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